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Veterinary bacteriology

Major contributors 2006-2009

The following persons have made substantial contributions to VetBact 2006-2009

Elisabeth Bagge (SVA), Karin Bergström (SVA), Anna Birgersson (BVF, SLU), Viveca Båverud (SVA), Göran Bölske (SVA), Olov Carlsson (BVF, SLU), Karin Eld (SVA), Ricardo Feinstein (SVA), Claes Fellström (KV, SLU), Lise-Lotte Fernström (BVF, SLU), Mona Fredriksson (BVF, SLU), Anders Gunnarsson, (SVA), Ingrid Hansson (SVA) Allan Holmlund (BVF, SLU), Helena Höök (BVF, SLU), Désirée Jansson (SVA), Eva Jansson (SVA), Karel Krovacek (BVF, SLU), Eva Olsson Engvall (SVA och BVF, SLU), Marianne Persson (SVA), Märit Pringle (SLU), Therese Råsbäck (SVA), Susanna Sternberg Lewerin (SVA), Eva Säker (SVA), Gunilla Trowald-Wigh (BVF, SLU), Martin Wierup (BVF, SLU).

Published: 2017-11-08.


New names of bacterial phyla

The taxonomic category phylum was previously not regulated by the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes (ICNP), but now this has changed and it was decided to revise the names of bacterial phyla. All phyla must be written in italics (which has been done on VetBact also before) and have the ending -ota.

Published 2023-03-01. Read more...
The taxonomy of chlamydias

Species within the family Chlamydiaceae were previously divided into two genera Chlamydia and Chlamydophila. However, the differences between these two genera were not that great and many research groups have not accepted this division. Therefore, the genus Chlamydophila has been returned to the genus Chlamydia and this change has now been incorporated in VetBact

Published 2023-03-15. Read more...

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