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Fermentation of carbohydrates

Fermentation of carbohydrates during the formation of acid can be used to identify bacteria and here is a table of carbohydrates, which are often used for identification, and whether the current bacterium can ferment one or several of them.

Lactose + indicates that the bacterium ferments lactose under acid production.
Note that glucose(gas) - indicates that the bacterium does not ferment glucose under gas formation.

V (or v) means variable, i.e. that some strains of the bacterial species in question ferment carbohydrates, while other strains do not. W (or w) stands for weak, which means that it takes time before the pH change takes place or that the pH change is not so strong. 

Updated: 2021-09-30.


"Dear child has many names" (call it what you will...)

For a long time, Rhodococcus hoagii was refer­red to Rhodo­coccus equi on VetBact, because we experienced some resistance to the name that is now considered to be the correct one, i.e. Rhodococcus hoagii. Now you can find the bacterium in question under the correct name in VetBact, but you can also find the bacterium when searching for the old name. 

Published 2021-10-10. Read more...

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